Young Guns 15

Young Guns 15

2017: Now under the umbrella of The One Club for Creativity, Young Guns 15 returned the competition to an open entry process, encouraging young creatives from a broad range of disciplines to apply. By seeking out talent from beyond the design and advertising worlds, Young Guns 15 received a record number of entries from more than 40 countries.

The YG15 Jury was made up of nearly 50 acclaimed creatives, equally balanced between men and women, and with just over half of them past Young Guns winners themselves. After nearly two months of careful deliberation, the jury selected 84 entrants for a finalist list — the first time in Young Guns history that the finalists were publicly revealed. The final round of judging resulted in 32 new Young Guns, who were awarded a colorful translucent Cube designed by YG9 winner Roanne Adams and RoAndCo.

The Young Guns 15 ceremony and party took place on November 16, 2017.


Wanbing Huang

Fashion Designer + Artist

Based In: London, UK
Originally from: Guangzhou, China

In her mid 20s, Wanbing gained a BA fashion creation technique degree in the prestigious Bunka University in Tokyo Japan, before moving to London to pursue further fashion education at Central Saint Martins under the BA Fashion womenswear pathway. While working on her brand, she has worked at Celine and Issey Miyaki and was selected as one of the finalist at the school’s “Louis Vuitton Project”.

Her 2017 Spring/Summer debut collection “Chaotic Order” was heavily influenced by the Belgian film director Oliver Smolders’ short film “Seuls”. She used horsetail hair, 3D embroidery, ancient weaving technique and innovative ring lacing to mimic the subtle emotional upheaval of a suffering autistic child. While her 2017 Fall/Winter collection “Beyond the Body” was a study the circle of live and the idea of death, in honor of her deceased beloved grandmother.

Wanbing Huang’s singular vision has undoubtedly caught attentions from the industry. Just after seeing her first collection, Nike invited her to collaborate on the launched on the highly anticipated new shoe model Vapormax earlier this year. Her design was featured in the brand global promotion short film “Experiments In Style” and the “The Vision-Airs” exhibition at Art Basel Hong Kong.

UNMEASURABLE DISTANCE Agency: Wanbing Huang Category: YG15 / Year: 2017
FINDING A HOME Agency: Wanbing Huang Category: YG15 / Year: 2017
Beyond the body Agency: Wanbing Huang Client: Labelhood Category: YG15 / Year: 2017
CHAOTIC ORDER Agency: Wanbing Huang Client: Labelhood Category: YG15 / Year: 2017
THE VISION-AIRS: EXPERIMENTS IN STYLE Agency: Wanbing Huang Client: NIKE LAB Category: YG15 / Year: 2017




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