Young Guns

Young Guns is a portfolio competition awarding creative professionals 30 years and under, including designers, illustrators, entrepreneurs, and more!

2018: Building on the tremendous successes of the previous year, Young Guns 16 strived to be better than ever before, with the largest jury in Young Guns history. More than 60 creative men and women — slightly more of the latter than the former — made up of both past YG winners and industry luminaries, volunteered their time to select this year's class.

After several weeks of poring over hundreds of entries from nearly 40 countries, the jury selected an incredible shortlist of 82 finalists. From this list, the jury continued to debate and discuss, finally choosing 30 new Young Guns to join the family. These new Young Guns are set to receive this year's reinvented trophy, a floating Cube designed by YG11 winner Juan Carlos Pagan and his studio Sunday Afternoon.

Young Guns 16

Max Guther


Max Guther is a Berlin based illustrator and designer using a unique 3d aesthetic to bring his slightly hyperreal illustrations to life. He studied Communication Design from 2012 ? 2017 at University of Applied Sciences in Mainz and Offenbach School of Design.

Since interning at the graphic design studio HORT in 2016, he works as a freelance illustrator for clients such as Wired, GQ, Zeit, Pitchfork and Esquire.

Working with a mix of 3D and Photoshop, he creates worlds focusing on the interaction between architectural details, interiors and the human body to convey everyday situations and activities. Influenced by the aesthetic of old computer games and isometric representations by Bauhaus architects and designers such as Walter Gropius and Herbert Bayer he uses the isometric perspective to mimic an all-seeing observation.
I?m Not Okay (I Promise) Agency: Max Guther Category: YG16 Year: 2018
Smart Home Agency: Max Guther Category: YG16 Year: 2018
Look Behind You Agency: Max Guther Category: YG16 Year: 2018
The Future of Retail Agency: Max Guther Category: YG16 Year: 2018
Sriracha Is for Closers Agency: Max Guther Category: YG16 Year: 2018
Designing for Shared Living Agency: Max Guther Category: YG16 Year: 2018




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