Young Guns 16

Michael Fohring

Architectural Designer

Michael Fohring is a co-founder of Odami, a multi-disciplinary design studio based out of Toronto whose work ranges from architecture to custom and experimental furniture. Prior to Odami, Michael worked in offices in Austria, Montréal, and Toronto, most recently including Batay-Csorba Architects, where he was the lead on two award-winning projects: MisfitFit and Headfoneshop. Michael completed both his B.Sc.Arch and M.Arch degrees at McGill University where his thesis on the grotesque and applications of fabric formwork won the RAIC Student Medal, the AIA Henry Adams Medal, and was nominated for a Canadian Architect Student Award of Excellence. These interests have continued to be a central theme in his work.

MisfitFit Agency: Batay-Csorba Architects Client: Undisclosed Category: YG16 Year: 2018
Headfoneshop Agency: Batay-Csorba Architects Client: Charles Park Category: YG16 Year: 2018
Sara Agency: Odami Client: The Food Dudes Category: YG16 Year: 2018
Sara Tables Agency: Odami Client: The Food Dudes Category: YG16 Year: 2018
Lazy Bricks (aka Greta) Agency: Michael Fohring Client: N/A Category: YG16 Year: 2018
Within House Agency: Michael Fohring Category: YG16 Year: 2018




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