Young Guns 17 Winners

2019: In a year that could arguably be described as the most diverse class in Young Guns history, a jury of more than 60 respected creatives — half of them past Young Guns winners themselves — spent two months reviewing hundreds of submissions from a record 45 different countries. 

After several rounds of judging, which narrowed down the vast pool of talent to a finalist list of 81 creatives, the jury debated, discussed and ultimately selected 28 superstars to be part of Young Guns 17. This year's class runs across a wide variety of disciplines, and with only three YG17 winners being American-born, the global nature of this accolade is becoming even greater.

Amos Le Blanc


Canadian writer director and cinematographer originally from Toronto. Working worldwide in narrative, documentary and artistic content. Amos has won awards such as Cannes Young Director Award Gold and MMVA director of the year.

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Dum Dee Dum Agency: Amos Leblanc Client: Dim Mak Records Category: YG17 Year: 2019
Treat Me Right Agency: Amos Leblanc Client: Dim Mak Records Category: YG17 Year: 2019
Prologue Agency: Amos Leblanc Client: The Creator Class Category: YG17 Year: 2019
Run This Agency: Amos Leblanc Client: Thugli Category: YG17 Year: 2019
Sit Closer Agency: Amos Leblanc Client: Tiger Beer Singapore Category: YG17 Year: 2019
The Gates Agency: Amos Leblanc Client: Young Empires Category: YG17 Year: 2019




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