Young Guns 17 Winners

2019: In a year that could arguably be described as the most diverse class in Young Guns history, a jury of more than 60 respected creatives — half of them past Young Guns winners themselves — spent two months reviewing hundreds of submissions from a record 45 different countries. 

After several rounds of judging, which narrowed down the vast pool of talent to a finalist list of 81 creatives, the jury debated, discussed and ultimately selected 28 superstars to be part of Young Guns 17. This year's class runs across a wide variety of disciplines, and with only three YG17 winners being American-born, the global nature of this accolade is becoming even greater.

Roberts Rūrāns


Having finished Printmaking department at the Art Academy of Latvia and co-founded "Overpriced" design studio, Roberts Rurans is now a freelance illustrator based in Riga, Latvia. His illustration style could be best described as a playful mix of characters, simple shapes, use of textures, bright colours and witty compositions, often with a touch of humour and ease.

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Monday Agency: Roberts Rurans Client: Domuzime Magazine Category: YG17 Year: 2019
Summer Concerts at Fon Stricka Villa Agency: Roberts Rurans Client: Fon Stricka Villa Category: YG17 Year: 2019
Festive Collection Agency: Roberts Rurans Client: Madara Cosmetics Category: YG17 Year: 2019
National Encyclopedia Agency: Roberts Rurans Client: National Library of Latvia Category: YG17 Year: 2019
Professions Agency: Roberts Rurans Client: Pikolo Category: YG17 Year: 2019
Incredible Bugs Agency: Roberts Rurans Client: Viction-Viction Category: YG17 Year: 2019




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