Young Guns 2 WINNERS

1998: Realizing it had struck a chord with the creative community, the Art Directors Club launched Young Guns 2, putting out a call for more New York-based nominations. By way of a ten-person selection committee, 93 young artists and designers were welcomed into the second Young Guns class.


Rodrigo Corral

What world event occurred the year of your birth?
IBM introduced the floppy disk.

What makes you tick?
Besides the watch that's up my ass, I don't even want to think about this question, I haven't a clue what makes me tick, well maybe I do.

Who are your heroes?
Gleek, from the Superfriends. Why? Because he's a blue monkey with a purple cape and he can produce a bucket from nowhere to help out the Wonder Twins.

What’s your favorite object?
Any object that's slightly heavy and fits comfortably in my hand, so I can throw it at every editor and author who thinks he is a designer.

What’s your favorite curse word?
MOTHERFUCKA, it covers it all. You know what I mean, MOTHERFUCKA? See.

What are your influences?
The work of Paul Rand and Mos Def.

What do you want to change?

Where do you want to go?
I would really love to go to heaven, but if I keep saying MOTHERFUCKA, I probably won't.

What’s another name for Young Guns?
Los Jovenes con Pistolas (Te Mato!) (POWPOW!)




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