Young Guns 3 WINNERS

2001: Young Guns continued to grow, not only in the number of nominations, but also in how the winners were celebrated. For the first time ever, Young Guns 3 were featured in a full-color hardcover book, alongside the traditional exhibition. This year, a seven-person committee selected 99 New York-based young creatives to join the ranks of a community already growing in stature.


Christiaan Kuypers

"As answered by Marijke Kuypers, my mother. (Translated from Dutch.)"

What world event occurred the year of your birth?
Mom: Other than your birth, the Cuba crisis came to mind. But I looked it up and it was the wrong year.

What makes you tick?
Mom: Ambition, and your surroundings; you have to have your spot which is harmonious and peaceful - otherwise you can't work.

Who are your heroes?
Mom: People who've become successful without being annoying, or "lifted over the horse."

What’s your favorite object?
Mom: Self-portraits. Dad: Lots of little girls named Charlotte.

What’s your favorite curse word?
Mom: Shit.

What are your influences?
Mom: The outside world. And your father. Dad: But that's a negative one.

What do you want to change?
Mom: Your apartment, and I think you want a little Christiaantje to walk around in it.

Where do you want to go?
Mom: To a very tasty restaurant.

What’s another name for Young Guns?




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