Young Guns 3 WINNERS

2001: Young Guns continued to grow, not only in the number of nominations, but also in how the winners were celebrated. For the first time ever, Young Guns 3 were featured in a full-color hardcover book, alongside the traditional exhibition. This year, a seven-person committee selected 99 New York-based young creatives to join the ranks of a community already growing in stature.


Karin Satrom

What world event occurred the year of your birth?
Superman, the movie, was released.

What makes you tick?
Friends, family, fun, frogs, flip flops, forks, foam, fuzzies, Friday, felt, and graphic design.

Who are your heroes?
My mom, my dad, and Ani DiFranco.

What’s your favorite object?
My stuffed sheep and my silver Doc Martens.

What’s your favorite curse word?

What are your influences?
Stefan Sagmeister, Lanny Sommese, Tibor Kalman, Alexander Gelman, and Dave Heasty.

What do you want to change?
My hair color and society's understanding of graphic design.

Where do you want to go?
Start my own design firm and through the wardrobe to Narnia.

What’s another name for Young Guns?
Sharp shooters.




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