Young Guns 3 WINNERS

2001: Young Guns continued to grow, not only in the number of nominations, but also in how the winners were celebrated. For the first time ever, Young Guns 3 were featured in a full-color hardcover book, alongside the traditional exhibition. This year, a seven-person committee selected 99 New York-based young creatives to join the ranks of a community already growing in stature.


Jason Todd

Born and raised in Las Vegas with parents from Great Britain, Jason has a an interesting cross-pollinated style as an American straight shooter tempered with a sense of British dry humor and wit. Excelling at direction with a keen eye for detail, Jason is able to work with a free-spirited sense of spontaneity that fosters a natural environment for his subjects to open up and express themselves. From professional models to people living their daily lives, Jason is able to bond quickly and honestly getting shots that clients want to see. With over a decade of experience as a full-time shooter, Jason’s work continues to stay bold, fresh and relevant. Jason Todd tells stories through his images, capturing moments and the spirit of his subject matter.




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