Young Guns 4 WINNERS

2004: Young Guns 4 represented a major shift in the growing program. Beginning this year, the nomination process was replaced by an entry system; entries were encouraged from across the globe, instead of just from New York; and the age limit was reduced to 30 and under. Winners from the three previous years of Young Guns were added to a jury, a tradition that continues to this day.

Entries were submitted from 21 different countries, and in the end, a more stringent judging process resulted in 41 new Young Guns, who were celebrated in a hardcover book, as well an exhibition that began on September 9, 2004.


Anh Tuan Pham

For Office Use Only

Anh Tuan Pham is the Creative Director and founder of For Office Use Only, a graphic and digital design studio based in Manhattan’s Lower East Side. A graduate of Literature at U.C. Berkeley, Anh Tuan is self-taught in design aside from one class with Sagmeister at SVA Extension. His appreciation of art and architecture and his educational background in writing and literature informs his design sensibility. He has instructed at the Parsons School of Design, guest lectured at the AIA, NC State University and advised the design curriculum at the Art Institute of New York City. He has been profiled in Print, Computer Arts (UK), Designers Workshop (Japan), WWD Japan and One Magazine. His work been featured in publications by Counter Print and Taschen.




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