Young Guns 5 WINNERS

2006: The move to make Young Guns an international competition was a a smart one; Young Guns 5 saw nearly a quarter of its submissions come from outside of the United States. Beyond the Moleskine-produced annual and the November 9, 2006 ceremony and exhibition, this year introduced a speaker series that explored the work, history, hurdles, goals and aspirations of Young Guns winners.


Javin Mo

Hong Kong

Javin Mo is a Hong Kong based graphic designer and founder of milkxhake. He was invited to join FABRICA, the Benetton Research and Communication Center in Italy from 2004 to 2005. In 2006, he re-initiated milkxhake as one of the most energetic design collective in Hong Kong.

Javin's works have been selected for numerous international design awards including the Tokyo Type Directors Club Awards, Hong Kong Designers Association Awards and Graphic Design in China. In 2006, he received the Young Guns 5 Award by the New York Art Directors Club and 2 merits awards at the 86th New York Art Directors Club Annual and the British D&AD Awards in 2007. His works have been widely published in design magazines and journals internationally. In 2008, he edited his first title, "3030: New Graphic Design in China" published by 3030 Press. Since 2009, he has involved in the creative and design direction for "Design 360°", the only bilingual design magazine published in China between 2009-2012.




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