Young Guns 5 WINNERS

2006: The move to make Young Guns an international competition was a a smart one; Young Guns 5 saw nearly a quarter of its submissions come from outside of the United States. Beyond the Moleskine-produced annual and the November 9, 2006 ceremony and exhibition, this year introduced a speaker series that explored the work, history, hurdles, goals and aspirations of Young Guns winners.


Chris Rubino


Chris Rubino is originally a Bostonian; New York City has been his adopted hometown for the past 15 years. After working at a number of design agencies including firstborn, nickandpaul & EGO/Ryan McGinness Studio he went to work at his own studio.

Rubino's work has been exhibited in Europe, Japan, Hong Kong and the U.S. He recently has created designs & illustrations for such clients as The New York Times, Banana Republic & The NY Public Theater. His work has been strongly influenced by his screen-printed limited edition posters for bands such as The Rapture, The Brian Jonestown Massacre and Psychic TV. Recently a series of his posters has been added to the permanent collection at the Museum of Design in Zurich.

Rubino holds a BFA from Syracuse University, was selected as an ADC Young Gun and is a co-founder of the Transitionist art movement. Prior to his first design job he worked as a librarian.

He currently serves as a Board Member on the NYC Chapter of AIGA.




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