Young Guns 5 WINNERS

2006: The move to make Young Guns an international competition was a a smart one; Young Guns 5 saw nearly a quarter of its submissions come from outside of the United States. Beyond the Moleskine-produced annual and the November 9, 2006 ceremony and exhibition, this year introduced a speaker series that explored the work, history, hurdles, goals and aspirations of Young Guns winners.


John Rothenberg


John Rothenberg lives in Boston, Massachusetts, where he is a founding partner of the interactive design studio Sosolimited. He studied at MIT, where he received BS and SMArchS degrees from the Department of Architecture. His work there centered around the intersection of public space and interactive technology. He was named an Art Directors Club Young Gun in 2006 and was a fellow at the Designlab Siemens Mobile.

Founded by three MIT graduates who blend their backgrounds in architecture, computer science, and physics, Sosolimited has been exploring the changing shape of space since 2003. Based in Boston and San Diego, the studio creates unique data- and technology-driven work that engages audiences and inspires new perspectives. Using equal parts art and science, they reveal the arresting beauty in the information that is all around us.

Sosolimited has created interactive installations, data-driven sculptures, social media powered light shows, and multi-sensory experiences for clients including Google, IBM, Boston Properties, Qualcomm, Porsche, and Vice. Their award-winning work has been exhibited internationally, featured in the news, and made millions of impressions.




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