Young Guns 6 WINNERS

2008: Continuously evolving, Young Guns 6 saw efforts to make the competition even more exclusive, by limiting the number of potential winners to 50. This also marked the first year of the Young Guns Cube. While this was essentially a smaller version of the acclaimed ADC Cube, it started a process that would soon become a major part of Young Guns tradition. The Cubes were awarded in a ceremony and exhibition on September 4, 2008.


Mike Bishop

Personal Studio

Mike Bishop is a multidisciplinary creative director and film maker with a background in motion design and visual effects for commercials and film. His broad skill set and vast knowledge of film making techniques has lead him to direct award winning projects for top brands and agencies. He is viewed as an innovator in Aerial Cinematography using drones. His films have won awards at film festivals globally and continues to push the boundaries of using drones in film making. Bishop started a production company called Motion Craft in 2017 after realizing the continuing demand for high end turn key film production and the ability to easily integrate aerial imagery into commercial film productions. Bishop continues to produce award winning work from his studio in Topanga, California.




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