Young Guns 6 WINNERS

2008: Continuously evolving, Young Guns 6 saw efforts to make the competition even more exclusive, by limiting the number of potential winners to 50. This also marked the first year of the Young Guns Cube. While this was essentially a smaller version of the acclaimed ADC Cube, it started a process that would soon become a major part of Young Guns tradition. The Cubes were awarded in a ceremony and exhibition on September 4, 2008.


Derick Holt


Derick Holt is a Virginia-bred, Brooklyn-based graphic artist, illustrator, and printmaker. He has created an inspired body of work, bringing a classic aesthetic with modern sophistication. Specializing in branding, Derick has crafted designs for Wythe Hotel, Marlow & Sons, Bonita, and S.R. Gambrel, among others. Additionally, Derick is a five-time winner of the Print Magazine Award of Excellence, a winner in the 2008 ADC Young Guns Competition, has been exhibited at the Cooper Union and has work included in the New York Public Library's permanent collection. He received his BFA from Virginia Commonweath University in 2001.




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