Young Guns 7 WINNERS

2009: Beginning this year, Young Guns became an annual competition. Its international growth continued to shine, with nearly half of all entries coming from outside of the United States. For the first time ever, the top scoring Young Guns 7 winners were awarded grants, with project funding being awarded to visual artist Siggi Eggertsson, director duo Fx&Mat and designer Mario Hugo. The Young Guns 7 ceremony and party took place on October 21, 2009.


David Kamp

I studied computer music, audio engineering, analog & digital synthesis techniques and graduated with a Diploma in "Electronic Composition" from ICEM / Folkwang University of the Arts. I collect and play countless acoustic & electronic instruments.

Over the years i worked with many animation productions companies including the Oscar nominated Studio AKA, Nexus Productions, Sehsucht, The Ebelling Group, Troublemakers, Blacklist, ILoveDust, Dixon Baxi , Weareflink, Buck, Nomint, Peppermelon, Rumpus Room, Polynoid, Hush, Dandy Dwarves, YumYum,, Onesize, Independend, Sherbet and directors such as Stefan Sagmeister, David O'Reilly, Max Hattler, Mato Atom, Julien Vallée, Dave Prosser, Sean Pecknold, Johnny Kelly, Matt Lambert, James Wignall, Florian Witzel, Onur Senturk, David Wilson, Jared Eberhardt, Adam Gault, Mate Steinforth.




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