Young Guns 8 WINNERS

2010: After deciding that having a trophy that was simply a smaller ADC Cube wasn't going to cut it, Young Guns 8 introduced one of the award's greatest traditions — the Cube would be redesigned every single year, so that each class would receive something truly theirs. The Young Guns 8 Cube was designed by artist, entrepreneur and YG5 winner Justin Gignac and artist, furniture designer and YG2 winner Michael Whitney. The Cube was made out of wood, and at the October 7, 2010 ceremony and party, recipients had to saw off their own Cubes.


Kellie Campbell

Parallax Design

Kellie is Partner and Senior Designer at Parallax Design in Adelaide, South Australia. She believes no matter where you work; how old you are; projects big or small–anything is possible if your work is good. Combating thoughts of no rhyme or reason with ideas one remembers, is what makes Kellie tick. She enjoys working with peers in promoting the value of design and giving back to the industry that has supported her throughout her career.




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