Young Guns 9 WINNERS

2011: By the time Young Guns 9 rolled around, there was already a rich history and entire community of past winners ready to welcome in a new class. This allowed designer and YG5 winner Nassim Higson to call upon the Young Guns family to participate in his call for entries campaign. Jessica Hische (YG7), James Victore (YG1), Rodrigo Corral (YG7), Julia Hoffmann (YG4), Jennifer Daniel (YG8), Jayson Atienza (YG5), Sam Weber (YG7), Sarah Wilmer (YG6), Greg Brunkalla (YG6) and Jonathan Jackson (YG5) stepped up to take part in a very bruising campaign.

The YG9 ceremony and party unfolded on October 13, 2011.


Urs Furrer


Urs Furrer is a rising star in the Australian Visual Effects scene. He began his stellar career as an editor in a boutique post house. Prospering beyond cuts and dissolves he migrated into an after effects suite where his creativity flourished. At age 23, Urs was quickly snapped up by Cutting Edge where his distinct eye for detail and his design competencies made him an ideal VFX operator.

After being in the number one Flame suite at Cutting Edge, Urs joined the team at Alt.vfx, where he can collaborate with some of the country’s best and create exceptional & astounding work.

Even though his infectious enthusiasm and earnest hard work has surmounted the expectations of clients, he still likes to keep his trusty copy of After Effects next to him. Just to make sure he can ‘add a little extra’ to everything he works on.




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