Young Guns 9 WINNERS

2011: By the time Young Guns 9 rolled around, there was already a rich history and entire community of past winners ready to welcome in a new class. This allowed designer and YG5 winner Nassim Higson to call upon the Young Guns family to participate in his call for entries campaign. Jessica Hische (YG7), James Victore (YG1), Rodrigo Corral (YG7), Julia Hoffmann (YG4), Jennifer Daniel (YG8), Jayson Atienza (YG5), Sam Weber (YG7), Sarah Wilmer (YG6), Greg Brunkalla (YG6) and Jonathan Jackson (YG5) stepped up to take part in a very bruising campaign.

The YG9 ceremony and party unfolded on October 13, 2011.


Owen Gildersleeve

Owen Gildersleeve is a multi-award winning artist based in London specialising in handcrafted illustration, set design and art direction. His unique style honed over the past 10 years, brings graphic designs to life through carefully hand-cut layers and a playful use of light and shadow.

Working with an array of international clients, his practice ranges from intricate paper illustrations and animations, shot in his East London studio, to large-scale sets, window displays and installations. As well as commercial projects Owen explores ideas and themes of his own, creating new bodies of work and collaborating with other artists.

His first book ‘Paper Cut’ was published in 2014, and celebrates the skilled creative practices of 25 leading paper craft artists from around the world through a series of in-depth interviews carried out by Owen over the course of a year.

In July 2018 his latest solo exhibition ‘Observations from the Unknown’ launched at the ARGONAUT Gallery in San Francisco, featuring an original body of work celebrating the NASA’s Kepler spacecraft and its nine-year mission. The show runs from 17th July - 31st August 2018.




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