Young Guns 9 WINNERS

2011: By the time Young Guns 9 rolled around, there was already a rich history and entire community of past winners ready to welcome in a new class. This allowed designer and YG5 winner Nassim Higson to call upon the Young Guns family to participate in his call for entries campaign. Jessica Hische (YG7), James Victore (YG1), Rodrigo Corral (YG7), Julia Hoffmann (YG4), Jennifer Daniel (YG8), Jayson Atienza (YG5), Sam Weber (YG7), Sarah Wilmer (YG6), Greg Brunkalla (YG6) and Jonathan Jackson (YG5) stepped up to take part in a very bruising campaign.

The YG9 ceremony and party unfolded on October 13, 2011.


Jesse Rieser

Rieser Photography


I mean really, I’m from Missouri, and since I was 17, I've been a student of the human condition, of the bruises we hide with hemlines and of the trophies we display with dirt-streaked arms.

I am drawn to photography because it tells stories through disclosure just as much as through omission. My work is not a truth-telling project, not a fact-finding mission. My work is an exploration of honesty. It’s about decision-making and details. It’s about viewpoint. It’s about hiding some things. And showing others.

The other element of photography I find so compelling is it's immediacy. Button pressed, moment captured. But that moment can take an hour, a day, a lifetime to happen, to create, to evolve. And anyone can press a button. But what I do is take a certain kind of photo. I engage with subjects. I understand and communicate with clients. I can see their vision through my own eyes. Some call it empathy. Some call it charm. My mom just says I’m a nice young man.

But back to those subtleties. They are different from details. Subtleties are the stuff of stories. They are the unexplained elements, the unobvious expression, the unclear artifacts. They are the lingering mysteries in the photo that refuse to reveal themselves to the viewer in the first three seconds. My work requires engagement. And it draws in the viewer, causing him to wonder about the subjects
and the stories they have to tell.

In his young career, he has had the honor to work with top clients and be recognized by the several awards his field has to offer. His list of past clients includes: Publicis World Wide, M&C Saatchi, Cramer Krasselt, the NFL, Ritz Carltoon, Warner Brothers, The NBA, Proctor & Gamble, The John Paul Getty Museum, and ESPN Magazine.

In addition to being a young gun, his work has been honored in the Communication Arts Photography Annual, PDN Photo Annual (2X), American Photography Annual (3X), Magenta Foundation's Flash Forward Winner: (top emerging fine art photographer in North America and U.K.) Art of Photography Juried Exhibition, CCNY Annual Juried Exhibition and Center's Review Santa Fe 100.




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