Young Guns 9 WINNERS

2011: By the time Young Guns 9 rolled around, there was already a rich history and entire community of past winners ready to welcome in a new class. This allowed designer and YG5 winner Nassim Higson to call upon the Young Guns family to participate in his call for entries campaign. Jessica Hische (YG7), James Victore (YG1), Rodrigo Corral (YG7), Julia Hoffmann (YG4), Jennifer Daniel (YG8), Jayson Atienza (YG5), Sam Weber (YG7), Sarah Wilmer (YG6), Greg Brunkalla (YG6) and Jonathan Jackson (YG5) stepped up to take part in a very bruising campaign.

The YG9 ceremony and party unfolded on October 13, 2011.


Jon Saunders

Passion Pictures

Jon is an illustrator and director and creative director.

He’s directed numerous animated projects, including a few that use colons in their title, such as, Dishonored: The Tales of Dunwall, Nike: The Last Game, and The Master: A Lego Short Film.

He’s currently in pursuit of his first feature film at Warner Bros Animation.




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