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Spotify Pride - Unlike Any Other

Agency Edward Yeung

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This 2020 Pride campaign was kicked off at the beginning of a global pandemic. The sentiment of togetherness and shared experiences had never been more important. Historically, this month has brought people together and amplified queer voices. Our biggest challenge was bringing a community together when they couldn't actually physically be together.

Pride stands for love, acceptance, and the embracing of all, beyond the labels, beyond just this month. LGBTQIIA+ is just the beginning. We can't be contained by a single acronym - we are so much more. We are tastemakers. We are rule breakers. We are art + camp + glitter + leather + tongue pops + protests + Vogue + vogue. Simply put - we are Unlike Any Other.

Our global campaign ran massive Out Of Home in four continents, featured social videos where artists introduced their pronouns, and spotlighted ballroom legends and influencers with playlist takeovers.

My Role Was:

I was an Associate Creative Director on a team of five with Colette McIntyre, Jill Menor, and Kate Carter leading messaging, and Rebecca Lim leading design. Together we crafted the PRIDE campaign, from conception to post-production. As non-binary myself, my main goal was to promote the inclusion and representation that our community has progressed towards.

The queer community is often viewed as a monolithic rainbow, despite each experience being unique. We created a system that referenced the colors and stripes of Pride flags. Bringing visibility to lesser-known flags was deeply personal and important to me, as I have often felt underrepresented in culture. Rather than just showcasing a rainbow, we featured less frequently acknowledged identities like Transgender, Bisexual, Genderqueer, and Non-Binary.

By highlighting the plus in LGBTQIIA+, we allowed featured talent to showcase their intersectionality. We landed on the tagline ‘Unlike Any Other’ to really showcase how different each artist was from each other, and also comment on how this year’s Pride would be unlike any other.

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