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2020 Young Guns Work - YG Work

Sonos Rebrand

Agency Edward Yeung

Client Sonos



Annual ID



The new Sonos brand identity puts a fresh spin on the look and feel of the brand with a new approach to using color, illustration, typography, and some new design tools built for the future. Repositioning from 'The Home Sound System' to 'Listen Your Way', the new Sonos communications showcase the vast range of different ways to listen.

To roll out the new brand identity and voice, we launched a global brand campaign with ads in Times Square, Rolling Stone magazine, and other prominent placements around the world - as well a design refresh of key digital touch points like the brand's global Instagram account, customer emails, and brand videos.

After we had finalized the look and feel, Sonos took the opportunity to completely redesign their website with digital agency, Instrument, using our assets and brand guidelines.

My Role was:

As a senior art director at Anomaly, I worked on a creative team with Benoit Ollive and Jessica Trombatore, on Sonos’ new more inclusive positioning ‘Listen Your Way’ accompanied with Sonos’ new visual identity. We were guided by directors Jane Cronk and Jen Leartanasan.

Being very rooted in Swiss design, the previous identity leveraged Helvetica as the brand typeface with a strict color palette of black, grey and white. In our refresh, we expanded on the color palette, by referencing Sonos’ roots. Inspired by Santa Barbara, we chose colors that added warmth to the brand tone as well as helped the Sonos products shine.

In addition, we transitioned to Aktiv Grotesk, a typeface which in many ways is a direct response to Helvetica, but optimized for the digital age. While Aktiv shows many similarities to Helvetica, we typeset it very differently—expressive and melodic.

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