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2020 Young Guns Work - YG Work

DATA GATE _ World’s First AI Astronomical Research Data Sculpture Public Art

Agency Eylul Duranagac

Client Government of China



Annual ID



It is important for me to make you feel the feelings that one can not feel in daily life.In our works, the integration of science and technology in art should firstly serve the feelings of the audience.The Data Gate installation consists of 3 parts; Form, Light and Space. Light is world's first artwork based upon the idea of utilization of Machine Learning in the context of space discovery and astronomical research through NASA's Kepler Data Sets.By using the Kepler data from NASA, the public will be able to observe the exoplanets [planets that orbit around other stars] which human life can exist in.My aim for this artwork to be considered as a gate between our planet and other habitable planets around the universe.We collaborate with Dawn Gelino from NASA for the Data Gate project. Dawn Gelino is an astrophysicist for NASA, exploring the diversity and habitability of exoplanets.

My Role was:

In this project, I worked as a Creative Director, Concept Development and New Media Artist. DATAGATE is permanent Public Ai sculpture commissioned by Chinese Government with a weight of 15 tons 360 Led Installation located in Nanjing.The data of Kepler mission is a very large spreadsheet comprised of information dedicated to the detected exoplanets. Each table in these spreadsheets contains around a hundred columns. Due to its complexity and size, it is impossible to visualize these as is. So we proposed an AI based approach to interpret and aestheticize this information. Our aim is to analyze this data through AI, strictly for an alternative, visual representation of this data. We collaborated with Dawn Gelino as a mentor.In light of the information we received from NASA and my researching process; Project R&D duration and construction took 1 year in total.We utilized dimensionality reduction and RNN. Lastly, we proposed to train a GAN type network.

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