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2020 Young Guns Work - YG Work

AVA_V2 / _Particle Physics_Scientific_Installation

Agency Eylul Duranagac




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We are all future makers who contribute to shaping the future of the World. Without having knowledge about the smallest building block of matter, one cannot understand what the Universe offers. As Ouchhh, we believe in the interstellar future. Thus, in our work AVA V2, we introduce this interstellar future to the audience by providing a temporal and spatial experience that integrates art, science, and technology. The installation turns into a trans-galactic exploration where we discover and gain knowledge about the structure and properties of matter. AVA V2?s name is derived from the surface-volume shape coefficient. Inspired by the iconic dome structures of Buckminster Fuller and particle physics.s, Using particle size measurements, AVA V2 reflects the changing image of powder characterization using particle size analysis and cosmic rays.

My Role was:

In this project, I worked as a Creative Director, Concept Development and New Media Artist.AVA V2 was featured at†TEDxCERN 2016. The main inspiration for AVA V2 comes from experiments, our data results and visuals that focus on particle physics, . As a creative director &concept developer, Since it was a scientific project, I spent a lot of time during the research and development phase. I Inspired by Buckminster Fuller?s iconic dome structure designs. He is one of my favorite architects,I†combined two mediums in one project: physics and architecture. It is designed as a portable installation that can suit†any place given the conditions.My goal was to create a piece that integrated our main interests: art, science and technology. The production schedule was a 6-month process, in which we were successful in covering a 360-degree hemisphere with a projection on an Opaque type fabric.

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