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2020 Young Guns Work - YG Work

The Wait

Agency Michelle Watt

Client Blanc



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As an immigrant in America, I was conditioned not to disrupt the status quo. This series is a display of my being silenced. Shot for Blanc Magazine's 'Freedom' issue, this story is about a woman displaced in a series of waiting rooms. She grows desensitized to time and place, leading to feelings of disquiet, mania, defeat and confusion. By highlighting an absence of freedom or its imminent arrival, the Wait beckons you to question, is she awaiting her own departure or the arrival of someone else? Is she trapped here or is she present by choice? These images comprise a visual ode to my feelings of alienation and isolation as a Chinese American woman, and the shame of my own passivity in face of systemic oppression in this country.

My Role was:

Photographer, art director and producer.

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YG Work
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