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Young Guns is a portfolio competition awarding creative professionals 30 years and under, including designers, illustrators, entrepreneurs, and more!

2020 Young Guns Work - YG Work

Halogen Dream

Agency Michelle Watt



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This conceptual beauty story is deeply personal. It highlights the suppression of voice and identity. The model's cool and collected demeanor is juxtaposed with incendiary color and light, implying inner conflict. Growing up, I was ridiculed for my accent, which led to my eventual silence. I was an outcast, and struggled to find my voice. Photography has allowed me to express thought and emotion I could never express with words, all the while, ironically, being a silent medium. Here, the bright glow of the model's neon makeup echoes visual emblems of words unspoken, heard only under the right light.

My Role was:

Photographer, art director and producer.

2020 Awards

YG Work
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