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2020 Young Guns Work - YG Work

Whenever They Stopped Singing

Agency Michelle Watt



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This ongoing series began as an exploration of archetypal female tropes in cinema, and has evolved into a larger examination of the female narrative within modern Western art and mythology. Each tableau is shot on large format film, forcing subjects to hold poses and remain in character for longer periods of time, giving away their artificial nature. Sourcing from common narratives that were key in shaping my womanhood, these images enact deliberately generic scenes from literature, painting and cinema. I'm especially drawn to the narrative surrounding the Damsel, and the way single unmarried women have historically been portrayed in modern Western storytelling. Making these images helps me examine how these depictions have impacted the way I view my own role as a woman in American society.

My Role was:

Photographer, art director and producer.

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YG Work
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