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2020 Young Guns Work - YG Work

The Future of Cooking

Agency Denis Kilty

Client Le Creuset



Annual ID



The Future of Cooking' is an immersive audiovisual / VFX spot developed for Le Creuset Worldwide to showcase their new titanium-coated non-stick pans.

I was tasked with capturing the essence of their manufacturing process - through music and sound design - in which titanium is essentially vaporised and coated to each pan, making it last four times longer. I composed, sound designed and provided voice over for the project.

The sound design includes resonant tones and sizzling cooking foley recorded using actual Le Creuset products to make it as unique and original to the brand as possible. The music also heavily incorporates my own singing voice, giving the soundscape a familiar and organic, yet otherworldly futuristic sound.

Mixed for stereo, I also used particle processing sound design tricks to create the swirling sensation of the particles for maximum immersion. The slicing sound design as the name is branded onto the pan dances

My Role was:

I was the composer and sound designer for this project.

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