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2020 Young Guns Work - YG Work

Formula 1

Agency Denis Kilty

Client Renault



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Mondlicht Studios were on a mission to celebrate the iconic Renault brand and it's contribution to Formula 1 racing.

They created an incredible render of Renault's current F1 car and invited me to collaborate to bring it to life. The piece is all about edgy sound design and energy. The sound deigns and music work together to create a seamless bedding on which we highlighted various components of the car self assembling into the final piece.

I used doppler effect recordings of flyby F1 vehicles in the music to create musical transitions throughout to sit with the visuals, so the soundscape and music is very much made for this.

As an aside, subsequently we were paid the highest of compliments by the Renault F1 Aerodynamics Engineer who saw this and called it a terrific job and a credit to Renault and F1.

My Role was:

I was brought on to compose and sound design for this project.

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