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2020 Young Guns Work - YG Work

My Little Goat

Agency Tomoki Misato

Client Tokyo University of the Arts



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This is a short stop motion animation film which I made as a master graduation work.

The story is based on the Grimms' fairy tale The Wolf and the Seven Little Goats. The theme is parents' madness. Neglect is a problem and it's a crime, but over protection is not a crime. But it makes children lose the opportunity to learn about themselves. Through this film, I'd like to raise a question. Whether excessive love of parents is justice or madness. I wanted to suggest the discomfort a child feels about one-way love. I wanted to show that good and evil was complex and multifaceted. For the shoot, I wanted the felt puppets to have life-like expressions and movements, so I shot using 24 frames per second. The hardest part was the action scene in the second half. I combined 6 puppets and and moved the camera dynamically.

My Role was:

Direction / Animate / Script / Design / Edit / Sets & Puppets

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