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Young Guns is a portfolio competition awarding creative professionals 30 years and under, including designers, illustrators, entrepreneurs, and more!

2020 Young Guns Work - YG Work

Agency Tomoki Misato

Client Tokyo University of the Arts



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A world in which a PC file is used as a candy. And the taste of it determines the job evaluation. Heroin is confident about the documents she creates at work, but doesn't get any positive feedback. Then, she witnesses her colleague secretly changing the documents she created. Heroin is turned into a piece of candy to keep her quiet. This film is a stop-motion animation using mainly shrink plastic. Shrink plastic has a sense of transparency, and when it is baked in an oven, becomes small and thicker. When it is coated with the resin, it looks like candy. So this world view was made. As the title suggests, candy will appear in this film. Through my film, I wanted to tell the audience that someone is appreciating your hard work even if it doesn't feels like it, and that someday you will be rewarded.

My Role was:

Direction / Animate / Script / Design / Sets & Puttets / Edit

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YG Work
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