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2020 Young Guns Work - YG Work

The Mind, Explained

Agency Yuval Haker

Client Netflix



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Produced by Vox Media for Netflix and narrated by the cool Emma Stone. Every episode of the 5 part miniseries works as bite-sized, 20-ish minute docs that are both engaging and educational. The episodes are filled with intriguing scientist and pop culture icons, and appeal to viewers of any age. Animations seamlessly weave between archival footage, interviews and data viz. These animated moments help the viewer visualize particularly abstract moments, like when interviewees recount their experiences of 9/11 or when author Michael Pollan talks of his senses melding together during a psychedelic trip.

My Role was:

Together with Art Director Rubab Shakir we came up with the overarching illustration/animation style for the five-episode miniseries. I then lead the animation and design on three episodes: Memory, Anxiety and Psychedelics. Animated in a mix between traditional frame by frame animation and After Effects motion graphics. All of the work in the attached URL is designed and animated by me unless otherwise stated.

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