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2020 Young Guns Work - YG Work

Sharpie - More Than a Signature

Agency Yuval Haker

Client Sharpie



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Sharpie and UNINTERRUPTED brought us on board for this series about the stories behind messages athletes write on their shoes. The animation is woven into interviews with three athletes - Ja Morant, Rob Gronkowski and Bobby Wagner. The animation is drawn in a rough, Sharpie-like line quality. The drawings are in constant motion, an ode to the rogue style the Sharpie marker brings to mind. The storytelling style is purposefully humorous, at times absurd/surreal, at other times leaning into the gloomy memories of these athletes' childhood stories. These spots were made to live on social media and Youtube, as quirky content-bites for Sharpie in collaboration with UNINTERRUPTED (LeBron James' agency).

My Role was:

My role was to design/illustrate all style-frames for three commercial spots. Created at //kneeon studios in Brooklyn under the creative direction of Mike Healey. Animated by Arthur Guttilla, //kneeon, with additional animation by me.

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