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Boook.Land is a space for collaborative storytelling, bringing the online world together to write a novel. Participants continue the story using only the last few paragraphs for reference. We asked ourselves What if writing followed a process similar to design? Can play and collaboration be used to write a book? Can a novel be produced by hundreds of authors and illustrators all working together on the same story? We based the project off of these core ideas. Participants could also illustrate the book live as it was written. Vol.001 Birthland, ran throughout November 2018, in which time it received over 2,600 text submissions, resulting in a 56,000 word novel. In addition, over 1,300 illustrations where also submitted. At the moment a special edition with Falmouth University is currently running until the end of June.

My Role was:

A personal project where we collaborated with Harry Boyd to design and develop

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