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2020 Young Guns Work - YG Work

Don't You Know by Now

Agency Fenn O'Meally

Client Maverick Sabre



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With the project focused around mental barriers and overthinking we decided to record a conversation between fellow artist Jordan Stephens and Mav. Combining their brilliant minds through conversation was pretty magical and the audio runs through the entire project, breaking down human mentality - from topics of love, to politics, to society and so on. In Don't You Know By Now, we obviously look at love, but I guess in a very bittersweet human way. I think the ending of the video sums it up really, with this kind of numb image of Mav and Bar (the incredible actor who plays Mav's lover) sat on the bed with nothing left to give to this love... the visual is soundtracked by a soundbite from the conversation as Jordan states, "Love is immensely difficult, partnership is in it's very being the hardest thing".

My Role was:

Writer/Director/Editor. It's been special to work so collaboratively with Maverick Sabre, we've been talking about this project for a while, and we really wanted it to become something more than just a music video. We are both storytellers so the story aspect of this piece and the following pieces came naturally. For Mav it was about telling a story through the entire EP rather than solely track by track. I'd record our conversations whilst we were brainstorming and I realised during this time the beauty in using conversation within this project.

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