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Tokyo Drifting

Agency rubberband.

Client Glass Animals



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Drawing inspiration from 90's-fighter-video games, stop motion animation and comic books, our music video "Tokyo Drifting" for Glass Animals featuring Denzel Curry is a nostalgia drenched reimagining of the slaying of the Minotaur. We had a lot of fun taking outdated processes (everything from 16mm long exposure stop-animation to step printing) and blending them together in a relatively post heavy way. There's a lot of vfx in the video that you wouldn't notice outright. We sort of loved the idea of taking what most people would consider laughably old school and bringing it to life with people who are used to working with slick, CG heavy imagery.

Our Role was:

Writer/Director. We had long conversations with Glass Animals about their wide-array of references when making the song. The eclectic influences in the music informed the video's visual language allowing us to embrace a bright, vintage aesthetic in a retro future underground fight club setting.

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