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2020 Young Guns Work - YG Work

The Ceiling

Agency rubberband.

Client Lewis Del Mar



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The band explained it simply, The Ceiling is about the feeling of going crazy. The sensation of losing control, a mind constantly racing. We faced an interesting creative challenge with the Pandemic. Making this video under the restrictive parameters of quarantining and social distancing meant no crew, no sets. We landed on a video that spans a single night from sunset to sunrise while the band literally and figuratively move across the walls of the space. An attempt to externalize expressively the interior mania that the song details. Fittingly, a lot of sleepless nights went into the production of this video and we're very proud with the result.

Our Role was:

Creative Direction. Writer/Director. We employed a methodical and hand crafted approach incorporating projections, time lapse photography and experimental augmentations to the film negative to create a piece of conceptual video art. It's a song that flirts with the idea of descending into madness, and we tried to evoke themes of paranoia and isolation in a riveting way to create a video that serves as a visual metaphor to compliment the rhythm and energy in the song. The analog format and their technical precision deconstructs the track in a tactile way, visualizing the way a piece of music inhabits the space. The images, like the process that went into making them, feel alive.

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