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2020 Young Guns Work - YG Work

Transtype A Poster

Agency Xiaomei Liu



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Motion poster design for Transwhite Studio's exhibition "Transtype Playground", which is a demonstration of our three years' type experimentation project. Each poster presents a different visual representation according to its own concept. At the same time, it could be scanned to get AR interaction from various type A.

Transwhite created the "transtype" type experimentation project in 2017. Because of the wide popularity and application of OpenType, the studio tries to explore what kind of visual outcomes can be produced under human-generated grid systems. Base on the grids from "Grid System" by Carsten Nicolai, the studio creates experimental typefaces to explore the openness of types under grid systems, the sporadicity of human intervention, the ductility of experimental design products, and the application of systematic thinking.

My Role was:

Designer (motion poster design)

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