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2020 Young Guns Work - YG Work

YouFab Global Creative Awards 2018

Agency Natsuki Isa

Client Loftwork inc. 



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YouFab Global Creative Awards honors and awards creations born from advanced collaboration of digital and physical manufacturing. The poster which is the main visual of the award expresses the "fusion of digital and physical" with the initials of the award title Y and F. Using 3D physics simulation, we generated typography and bubbles in the form of Y and F in water, and established the distorted beauty on paper. By adopting a special glossy paper and printing technique, we added a sense of physical presence to the inorganic texture. The visual that changes color depending on the viewed angle produces a new expression beyond the domain of digital expression and craft. This poster was distributed in ten countries and fulfilled its purpose as the main visual of the award.

My Role was:

I did Art direction and design these key visuals. The software used for graphic work centering on typography typically remains in 2D, where the layout and configuration is left to the designer's individual sensibility. So I adopted visual programming to the process, to utilize the laws and dynamics in nature and the physical world, and implemented the effects and fluctuations in the graphic which is impossible by manual work. And by bringing expressions utilizing digital characteristics back to physical consolidation with paper and printing technology, I was successful in creating texture that exceeds the range of expressions in both digital and craft. Also used these visuals, I designed posters and web banner.

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YG Work
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