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2020 Young Guns Work - YG Work

UKIYOE EDO-LIFE -The Hidden Essence-

Agency Natsuki Isa

Client NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation)



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These are promotional posters for a TV show. The show interprets Ukiyo-e as photographs documenting the everyday lives of Edo commoners, rather than works of art. 4K ultra-HD tech has enabled us to zoom in on even the smallest of details which may've been overlooked until now. In the poster, a large area of the print is obscured from view, inviting the viewer to come closer and study the details. Also, Inkjet technology has made it possible to add texture to the obscured area so the viewer can vaguely make out the details of the print. Black shape cropped each Ukiyo-e was based Kanji, linked to their respective themes. Our posters have succeeded in incorporating the essence of the show, by looking at both the details and the entirety of the print, that there is so much more to Ukiyo-e than meets the eye.

My Role was:

I made promotional posters for a TV show. All of art direction, designed typography, posters, and printing direction. Above all, typography shapes which is big black solid based on japanese character kanji was difficult. I transformed it to modern and impressive shape. Because I wanted it to be impressive, strong, and solid, but want to retaining the typography atoms. Also I used ink jet printing tequnology. To use gloss varnish, I can adjust the appearance these pictures shapes and colors under the black area. In addition to I adjusted the white ink and made a relief and physical shadows. As a result, the contrast between the vividly printed points and black area is expressing the TV show's concept 'The Essence is Always Hidden' . To use these visuals, I designed these promotional posters and desital visions to bring out the charm of the show.

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