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A Guide to The Hollow Earth


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The Hollow Earth was a famous belief in around the 17th-18th century where it proposed with the idea that the planet Earth is entirely hollow or contains a substantial interior space that can even be suitable for human beings to live in. The majority of modern scientists believe that it was a pseudoscience and the earth should be solid.

This illustration book celebrates the imagination of ancient people and gives an illustrative guide for readers to imagine such an unknown area. It is used with the mixing collage and optical art to illustrate the hollow earth. The collage materials are from Eadweard Muybridge (1830-1904). And it is used with the illusion graphics to indicate the unknown environment (e.g. entrances at the Polars, sea etc). This book is finished by sew binding and printed in risograph to give a sense of that period.

My Role was:

I work on the research development, concept and illustration. Also manage the printing.

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