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Colourscape is an interactive plaza designed using the interlace of different classical elements: Police Married Quarters, Washi Tape, and weaving. Once designed as a residential space, the architecture of PMQ was meant to enhance interaction and neighborhood encounters. Stood in the middle of PMQ is a courtyard where different happenings occurred, overseeing by people standing in the hallway of upper levels.

This project was commissioned by MT Tape, a Japanese washi paper masking tape with range of colours and can be used as a lifestyle home-decor. To explore the possibility of how this tape works in a public space, we utilized PMQ's architectural design and used MT Tape to weave the space where people can observe, play, and interact. We also installed curved mirror of different forms to reflect the tapestry on the floor, visually blurring the interface between abstraction and clarity.

My Role was:

I am the graphic designer in the team who worked on the research and concept development. Work closed with the architectural designers to develop the experience in this project.

Designer Director: Otto Ng

Project Manager: Happy Yam

Graphic Designer: Chan Wai Hon

Architectural Designer: Alfred Pun

Prototype: Kelvin Lam

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