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2020 Young Guns Work - YG Work

Ice Ice Cream

Agency Jaedoo Lee

Client The New York Times Magazine



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This illustration accompanied an original short story titled Origin Story by Matthew Baker. The particular issue of The New York Times Magazine was inspired by The Decameron, which was a book of novellas set in 1353 Italy during the bubonic plague. The story my illustration accompanies is about the relationship between a grandmother and granddaughter and how ice ice cream was created. It was just crushed ice piled on top of a tiny bit of ice cream, and I wanted to emphasize this mound through perspective. This story written by Matthew Baker was one of 29 original short stories in this issue. It was amazing to be part of a project with such a diverse group of illustrators.

My Role was:

My role in this project was conceptualizing and digitally illustrating the bowl of ice ice cream.

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