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2023 Young Guns Work - YG Work

Submarina Clothing Collection

Agency Marte

Client YG21 | Marte



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Bolivia Clothing Brand

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Graphic Design
Typography & Lettering

Project Description
In 2022 Bolivia, a clothing brand from Argentina, invited me to create an artist collection around underwater life. It included patterns, graphics and a variety of assets.

I envisioned a collection that exuded freshness, fluidity, and a touch of magic. To achieve this, I hand-drew letters and icons using organic lines to evoke the sensation of being beneath the waves. replicating the wobbly nature of underwater scenes. The collection embodies the essence and vitality of the ocean featuring neon colors, mesmerizing organic shapes and patterns of sea life.

The shape of liquids in motion has always held a special fascination for me, being a source of inspiration in many of my designs. Being a swimmer for 20 years, water has become a passion of mine, making this collaboration even more meaningful.

In this project, I sought to craft clothing that not only celebrates the ocean but also reflects my personal connection to water and the beauty it brings to the world.

Role in Project
Art director, Illustrator, Graphic Designer and Lettering Artist

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