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Adobe Illustrator - Splash Screen

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This year, I had the huge honor of collaborating with Adobe on designing the Splash Screen for the next release of Adobe Illustrator, planned to launch in September 2023. The central theme of the project was "play," which resonated strongly with me.

Play is an essential part of my creative process. My work is heavily based on hands-on experiences, freedom of exploration, discovering ideas as I’m drawing, and letting go of any preciousness associated with perfection.

The piece aims to capture this playful essence of my creative process.
The hand takes center stage, symbolizing the primary tool of creation.
Behind it, you can observe the same design in various color palettes, reflecting the trial and error aspect of the process, where multiple options are explored before “the one” is found. I used rough outlines to evoke the hand-drawn feel and added sparks representing the moments of inspiration.

Through these ideas and a vibrant color palette my intention was to evoke that sparkly joyful feeling that comes with creative ideas.

****This project and images contain confidential and/or privileged information and is intended only for the Young Guns Jury. The copy, revision, use, disclosure and/or distribution of such confidential information, without the written approval is strictly prohibited.****

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Illustrator, Graphic Designer

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