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Nickelodeon Rebranding Pitch

Agency Marte

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Graphic Design
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Project Description
Plenty Agency brought me on board to spearhead the artistic direction of Nickelodeon's rebranding proposal. The primary goal was to recapture the essence and charm that made the network so beloved during its early days. To achieve this, the approach involved embracing the irreverent humor, attraction to the absurd, and carefree attitude that had long defined Nickelodeon's unique identity.

To draw inspiration, I turned to Nickelodeon's iconic "splat" symbol, using its fluid and dynamic nature to create diverse patterns and playful lettering styles paired with quotes that captured the spirit of the brand.

The goal was to make the visual experience irresistibly satisfying. By employing unpredictable elastic movements and crazy textures the goal was to trigger an unexplainable feeling, almost as if wanting to touch, squeeze, or even eat it.

The creation of a Demo Typeface was another highlight of the project. I blended soft shapes with edgy angles to design a versatile and playful typeface. By overlapping characters or altering their baseline, the typeface became sticky or bouncy, adding to the overall charm.

For the redesign of the logo, I handcrafted a version of the word where the letters stuck with each other, forming a container shape.

Although our pitch did not win, this project remains one of my personal favorites due to the creative freedom and opportunity to explore innovative ideas and collaborate with 3D artists and animators.

Role in Project
Art Director, Lettering Artist, Graphic Designer, Illustrator

Project Credits
Agency: Plenty
Art Direction: Guillermo Zapiola, Victoria Sanchez, Marte Galarza
Graphic Design: Marte Galarza, Francisco Capuzzi
Lettering & Type Design: Marte Galarza
3D: Luis Lopez
Animation: Sergio Slepczuk, Juan Martin Ayerbe

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