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Two photographic compositions produced as part of my community care project that encapsulates personal visions of generational healing & growth. September 2022: Free 12x18 posters of these two prints were given away with an in-store purchase at K.K. Discount, Wing on Wo, and Yu & Me Books, to help generate more foot traffic towards our local Chinatown and their beloved stores.

“EVERYONE HAS EATEN (個個食咗啦)” (2022): I took a lot of inspiration from my grandparents for this set, with the daily habits that have been passed down to me. I am very lucky to have grown up with both sets of grandparents, who always lived with us and took care of the house and children while the parents went to work. They always had a routine and a system, from doing morning exercises to ordering bakery goods. Especially the way they cleaned the kitchen after meals—which would have an influence on how I clean today. This composition is dedicated to our elders, who have endured, loved, and taught us so much, spending every day making it easier for us to live. Our younger selves will take this for granted, but one day will realize that our parents don't live forever and we will have to grow up and take the reins.

“KEEP PLAYING (繼續玩?)" (2022): This composition is inspired by the millennial Asian-American experience of growing up as a kid. We collected stationery and made paper stars but also went to Mcdonald's to collect Happy Meal toys. We were taught how to play the Chinese airplane game and maybe how an abacus works but also wanted to braid lanyards for our friends and make Lite Brite art. We watched TVB dramas and listened to Delilah on Lite FM along with our parents. We barely understood the struggles our parents and elders went through to immigrate to America and start a new life. Looking back to being just a kid, it felt like the cultural lines between Asian and American were blurred. The time has passed so quickly, things were blissful and innocent.

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Photographer, Prop Styling

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This project was made with the generous support of the Asian American Arts Alliance’s WCWD micro-grant.

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