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2022 Young Ones - Young Ones ADC

CDC Rebrand

School ArtCenter College of Design / Pasadena

Client Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)


Brand / Communication Design / Branding: Branding Systems / Identities

Annual ID



The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's primary association with the Covid-19 pandemic has created a lack of trust in the institution, shifting its image from heroic to helpless.

The rebrand aims to capture the public's trust by pinpointing the very source of what it means to be human: our DNA. The double helix is simple in form but complex in function—two interwoven strands define who we are and who we will become. It is the blueprint to life and a common thread amongst all people and organisms. The CDC's updated identity and strategy unite those threads between science and humanity.

2022 Awards

Total Points: 3

Student Bronze Cube



Erin Harpur

College / University

ArtCenter College of Design / Pasadena

Professor / Instructor

Gerardo Herrera
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