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2022 Young Ones - Young Ones ADC


School China Academy of Art / Hangzhou


Design for Good / Brand / Communication Design

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According to the UNITED IN SCIENCE report of WMO (World Meteorological Organisation), the global emission reductions have still not reached the standard for maintaining climate balance even in the epidemic 2021. We are still approaching the boundary of the climate collapse of Earth. The project “EARTH OVERSHOOT DAY” is designed as a press conference on the carbon emission crisis. With three aspects of carbon emission debt, heating crisis and environmental deficit, visitors would be introduced to what the over carbon emission would lead to. The project would be a stage for discussing the balance between the human being and nature, with a wish of an arisen awareness of low-carbon in the society. Through the power of main visual image design,information design, digital sculpture, dynamic fonts and videos, “EARTH OVERSHOOT DAY” visualises the information and data, expressing the idea that man is an integral part of nature. This project also maintains dialectical thought and tries to maintain the balance between crisis awareness and vitality. The future may be shocking, but there will always be a crack where the light can get in.

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Total Points: 3

Student Bronze Cube


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China Academy of Art / Hangzhou
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